Thursday, September 1, 2011

20 Reasons Not To Go To Work

  1. Hate my job
  2. I'm allergic to work
  3. I'm sick
  4. It's that time of the month, so you really don't want me there
  5. I killed someone
  6. My car broke down
  7. Snowed in
  8. I don't work well with others
  9. I have split personalities and neither one wants to come in
  10. I have to go to the hospital
  11. My brains leaking, so I can't come
  12. I'm taking my kid to the hospital
  13. My wife's in labor
  14. I need a vacation and now sounds like a good time to start
  15. I just struck it rich, so I don't need to work today, thanks
  16. My house just burnt down, I can't come in just now
  17. My power went out and I slept through my alarm
  18. I hit Big Foot with my car and I'm too busy chasing him through the woods
  19. I just robbed a big bank and I'm on the run from the law
  20. I quit…uhm today


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